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Industry Guests Zoom into Broadcasting Classes

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Broadcasting Students Visit with Industry Giants Online

A sudden but temporary transition into online training in the age of COVID-19 hasn’t stopped our Broadcasting & Online Media students from learning and staying inspired! Several Vancouver broadcasting personalities have been graciously taking the time to drop in to classes we’ve been running on Zoom.

These industry guests have all visited our campus in the past, so we were glad to have them join us again to continue the tradition of bringing top talent in for pep talks and industry knowledge-fests.

Holly Conway from Virgin Radio’s Jonny, Holly & Nira logged in after work to surprise our students during one of our morning classes. She told them how the radio station is coping with quarantine and occasionally even broadcasting from home.

During another class, students had a virtual visit from Crosby McWilliam, program director of Z 95.3 Stingray Radio. Crosby was full of excitement about having recently hiring local legend Kid Carson to host their morning show, so he had a lot to talk about. For our students, he gave lots of great advice about breaking into the radio business (and he’s a great connection to have, since he does most of Stingray’s hiring).

On top of all this, we even had a video greeting from the amazing Nardwuar!

Thanks to everyone for taking the time to inspire our next generation of talent, and we’ll be seeing you again real soon.