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For over 20 years VanArts has been the launch point for new artistic and creative talent. In just 12 months you can turn your ambition into a reality. Are you ready to make the jump?

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We're Driven to See You Succeed!

Expect to learn at VanArts. Our programs transform hungry creative minds into the best in the industry. Gain the critical knowledge and internal confidence to take your career ambitions and rocket them into orbit. We'll help you go further and faster than you thought possible.
  • 2D/3D Character Animation
  • Acting for Film & Television
  • Broadcasting & Online Media
  • Professional Photography
  • Game Art & Design
  • Visual Effects for Film & TV
  • Web Development & Interactive Design
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3 Great Reasons to Go to VanArts

The Classrooms

Teachers with deep industry experience and connections. Small class sizes. Guest speakers from a variety of industries. The best hardware & software to get busy with. Greenscreens, cameras, auditoriums, recording booths and so much more.

Receive hands on training from some of the world’s best animators, graphic illustrators, radio broadcasters, digital marketers, television actors and videogame artists.

Inside our classrooms you won’t just learn — you’ll be inspired to be the best of the best and learn the skills that will launch your career.

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The Students

Students at VanArts come from around the world. Our school’s reputation is known internationally, and our student body reflects that.

Whether your classmates come from Australia, the United States, South America or elsewhere in Canada, you’ll be surrounded by eager minds seeking to be the best in their chosen profession.

Your classmates’ energy, support and enthusiasm helps bring something special to life at VanArts — and it will for you too.

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The City

Vancouver has a lot going for it: beautiful mountains and beaches, a forest in the middle of downtown, and an international reputation for film & television production, visual effects & animation, and tech start-ups & digital companies.

For 20 years VanArts graduates have built careers in these industries, and are known as some of the world’s best actors, VFX & videogame artists, coders & graphic designers, game developers, animators and broadcasters.

Develop your skills and build a network that will bring you success in your chosen career, and do it in a place that will inspire you.

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