Intro to Harmony for Character Animation: Online

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Program Duration

6 weeks - ONLINE

Next Start Dates

May 1, 2024 July 10, 2024

Prerequisites: none

The registration fee for this course will be applied to tuition for our full-time 2D Character Animation program if you enrol within one year.

What You'll Learn

Course Info

Note: This course will be run online. 

This course is for people interested in becoming character animators, specifically interested in preparing for our one-year 2D Character Animation full-time program. Assignments introduce students to animation workflow in Harmony and foundational animation principles.

The course runs live over Zoom, for one class per week for 6 weeks on Wednesday evenings: 6:00pm to 9:00pm Pacific Time (Vancouver) – please convert to your time zone if you are in another region. 

  • Set up a scene in Harmony
  • Foundational animation principles – (initiating force, arcs, balance, weight shift, lead and follow, timing)
  • Harmony Animation Workflow – animating characters and props

Access to the software will be provided through a VPN connection to your personal computer for the duration of the course.

Minimum-to-approximate computer requirements are as follows:

FOR DESKTOP – CPU Intel i5, 16GB Memory, Video Adapter NVidia Geforce 970, Hard Drive 1TB

FOR LAPTOP – CPU Intel i5, 12GB Memory, Graphics Adapter w/ 1GB memory, Hard Drive SSD 250

Terms & Conditions

Please note: This program does not require approval under the Private Training Act (PTA). Students may not file a claim against the Student Tuition Protection Fund with the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) regarding this program.

Terms & Conditions


  • Tuition is due in full at the time of registration.
  • Tuition is not protected by PTIB’s Student Tuition Protection Fund. For more information visit:


  • In the event that VanArts cancels a part-time program, all registrants for that program will receive a full refund.
  • VanArts may cancel a part-time program if enrolments do not reach our minimum capacities.

Refund Policy

  • There is a non-refundable cancellation fee of 20% of the part-time program tuition.
  • Written notice of withdrawal to is required.
  • Non-attendance without written notice does not constitute eligibility for a refund.
  • Refunds of the full program tuition, less the 20% cancellation fee, will be granted up to seven calendar days before the start date of the part-time program.
  • No refunds will be granted less than seven days before the start date of the part-time program.

About the Instructor

Meg Leader


Meg Leader


Meg Leader is an accomplished 2D Character Animator from Guelph, Ontario who has lived in Vancouver, BC for the last decade. She graduated from VanArts in 2017 where she was hired immediately after graduation to work on the Netflix show Carmen Sandiego. Since then, she has worked for studios across Canada on shows like The Last Kids on Earth, Pinecone and Pony, as well as the new Charlie Brown Specials on Apple TV.

She is taking a break from the industry right now to focus on teaching and her personal comic project. She also continues to stay involved in the dance community in Vancouver with her Bachelor in Performance Arts and Musical Theatre Diploma preceding her animation training.

Meg hopes that you learn to grow comfortable with ToonBoom’s Harmony over her 6-week courses, as well as learn some animation principles and ways to tell clear stories through the art form.



$450.00 CAD


$450.00 CAD

Additional Information

The registration fee will be applied to tuition for our full-time 2D Character Animation program if you enrol within one year of taking this course.

International Students

As this is an online course, international students may register and take the course from their home country. Please note that the course runs in the Pacific Time zone for Vancouver, so international students must consider their own time zone before registering.

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