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Web Strategist Kris Krug visits VanArts

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This week the senior Digital Photography class at VanArts had a special visit and presentation through nearly the entire day with local photographer, web strategist and author Kris Krug. ( Known to many in the digital universe as kk+, Kris has his finger on the pulse of Vancouver and other places in the world, and is unmatched in his ability to harness the power of the internet and new media.

Given the focus of our Digital Photography program on entreneurship, marketing and technical savvy, it was a perfect fit for our students to hear expert advice on how to master the use of social media and web strategy for their photography businesses.

Our students and staff were "all-a-twitter" during and after the presentation as they became more excited about the potentials of social networking.

@kk havin a fun day teachin a masterclass bout photography & the internet at @vanarts. fun engaged students w/ curious minds & lotsa questions!

@CGPonline Sitting with senior photo students, learning from @kk here @vanarts. This is gonna be good

@JayPovey Learning lots of new web strategies from @kk at @Vanarts today.

@belleancell Brain is about to explode @vanarts with awesome tips from @kk #vancouver's social media documentarian!

@sonjaspaetzel Going gangbusters with the social networking info @kk is giving us in masterclass @vanarts

@kk big ole lovefest at @vanarts. #photography #socialmedia

@natashavignal Learning a lot today about social media from @kk today @vanarts .Now I have 100 more things to do everyday to keep myself on top of my plans

@fallonconway Big thanks to @vanarts for introducing us to @kk

Thanks Kris! Come back soon! 

Check out Kris Krug's universe at, his photography at or follow him on Twitter @kk.