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VanArts Welcomes Back Sam Rico: An Animation Grad Success Story

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Taking Animation into the Spider-Verse

VanArts’ Character Animation students were treated to a special day as they welcomed back one of their own: Samuel Rico, a VanArts graduate and key animator for SONY ANIMATION’s acclaimed Spider-Verse franchise. His credit list also includes Angry Birds, Hotel Transylvania, The Mitchells vs. the Machines, and dozens more! During the final Animation History lecture of the term, Sam shared his journey and professional insights, bridging the gap between animation’s rich history and its dynamic future.

Sam Rico speaking to a group of VanArts Character Animation students

Learning from a VanArts Legend

Samuel Rico (@samuelricomx on Instagram), returning to VanArts as a surprise guest speaker, captivated students with his experiences and expertise. From discussing the intricacies of feature-level animation to offering invaluable advice on crafting impactful demo reels, Sam engaged with eager students, inspiring them with his success story.

Sam Rico signing autograph for a VanArts Character Animation student

A Full-Circle Moment of Inspiration

The session was more than just a lecture; it was a full-circle moment where past and future talents converged. Samuel’s journey from VanArts student to key animator for a globally renowned franchise inspired current students, highlighting the potential for success within the VanArts community.  He even got to recreate the famous “Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man” meme with his mentor and VanArts instructor, Charles Phillips.

Sam Rico and Charles Phillips, recreating the Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme

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