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VanArts welcomes Annual Disney & Pixar Guests

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VanArts is proud to announce the upcoming return visit of our annual guests from both Disney and Pixar Animation Studios this July.

Bill Matthews, retired Manager of Artists Development for Walt Disney Animation Studios, has been a close friend of VanArts since the founding of our school. Through giving feedback on student work and giving valuable career advice, he has long been a mentor to our students as they launch their careers in animation.

Pixar animator Andy Bealle and directing animator Mike Venturini serve as senior advisors to VanArts 3D Animation students via regular live web correspondence throughout the year. Communicating from Vancouver to California direct from Pixar, Mike Venturini (along with supervising animator Andrew Gordon) talks to students about their work and is able to draw right over top of their animation with suggestions for improvement. Andy Beale and Mike will also be visiting our students in person to talk with them about their work.

Andy and Mike will be visiting our students on July 11th and 12th, and Bill Matthews will be visiting July 14-18. Also visiting us will be Klasky Csupo animation director Bonita Versh! During this time, our 2D Animation Summer Intensive will also be in session along with full-time programs. (Limited space still available!)

We look forward to having our valuable industry guests return this year!