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VanArts Students Create Video Game for 2019’s Epic Megajam

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Game Art Students Hit the Ground Running

Our junior students in Game Art & Design started their studies in September 2019, and already within their first term, five of them have collaborated on a video game for submission into the 2019 Epic Megajam hosted by Unreal Engine.

Entitled Dis.Array, the game is built in a 3D space with a 2.5D gameplay. It’s a interactive puzzle game where a small robot is looking for his master. He must transverse his memories through a world of two planes: the original and digital plane, interacting with objects and using the player guidance to reach his goal. Working together under the name Backslap Studios, the game was created by Indian students Anirudh Garg, P.B. Giridharahn, & Maahi Singh Likhari, Mexican student Arturo Martinez, and Canadian student Cole Kolisnyk. The game was created in only 6 days!

Our Game Art department is very excited at the unique ideation and art style of the piece. Check out this game play video, and download the game here.