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VanArts Photographers Shoot Xtra Community Portrait

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Xtra! Xtra! Read all about it!

Our top-floor studio space was buzzing with activity on February 1st for an epic shoot coordinated by several talented souls in our Digital Photography department.

Daily Xtra, Canada's premier publication for news in the gay & lesbian community, is dis-continuing their print newspaper and moving to completely online. For the final print edition, a two-page centrefold image was created featuring 23 of Vancouver's gay & lesbian activists, artists, politicians and other influential figures. The energy in the studio made for a moving event to commemorate the occasion and a great time was had by all! 

The shoot was directed by our own photography graduate and department assistant Belle Ancell, with the most excellent assistance of our studio manager Reem Abdel-Jabbar and current students Debbie Pipe, Blair Browne and Bridget Shacklette. Videographer Tony James created a visual mosaic to document all the smiling faces and hard work that went into the whole day. Great work everyone! 

For Xtra's full story on the shoot and who was involved, click here. >>

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