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VanArts Partners with BCIT in New Pathway

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BCIT - British Columbia Institute of TechnologyVanArts is pleased to announce we have partnered with British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT) to create the VanArts-BCIT Pathway — a cross-institutional agreement allowing our graduates to apply for advanced placement into BCIT’s School of Business. BCIT’s campus is conveniently located in Downtown Vancouver — right across the street from VanArts!

This new pathway gives VanArts alumni the opportunity to earn a BCIT Business Management Advanced Diploma after eight months of study, plus the option of continuing further towards a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA). This new pathway is open to VanArts alumni of our diploma programs from the past 5 years and all current and future students.

After completing BCIT’s Business Management Advanced Diploma, international students are eligible to apply for the post-graduate work permit program.

This exciting new development opens more opportunities for creative careers. If you wish to start your own studio, climb the ladder faster and further into supervisory or directorial roles, or enhance your freelance business for your artistic pursuits, the VanArts-BCIT pathway will give you the tools to succeed!


BCIT from 570 Dunsmuir_street level