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VanArts Graduates Listed in Cinefex Magazine

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The latest issue of Cinefex Magazine features the names of 12 VanArts graduates (10 from our Visual Effects Diploma Program and 2 from Game Art & 3D Animation) nestled within ads from Image Engine, The Senate and Double Negative studios thanking their crew.  

These studios have had some big hits this year with summer movies Total Recall and The Dark Knight Rises, and VanArts grads played their part well in contributing to their effects work. 

A keen eye can spot the names Nik Brownlee, Eleonor Lindvall, Blake Laing-Smith, Pranjal Verma, Luis Felipe Infante, Christopher Lucas, Madeleine McAllan, Frans de Vries, Johnson ChuangNicole Smith, Stephen Kelloway and Andrew Bain among the crew members thanked in this issue. Congrats everyone!