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VanArts Graduate Enjoys Pursuing Degree at Deakin

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According to a recent survey by The Economist, Vancouver is ranked the #3 Most Liveable City in the world, and the #1 city is Melbourne, Australia.  This is good news for our students, who have the option of studying in both cities, through our degree pathway partnership with Melbourne’s Deakin University. 

This special video features Rhin Kelly, a graduate of our 2D Character Animation Diploma Program, who is the first of our grads to take advantage of the special Degree Pathway options we have with several universities and colleges all over the world.  We got the chance to visit Rhin at Deakin University in Melbourne Australia and see how much she is enjoying the experience of pursuing her Bachelors’ Degree in Film and Digital Media.  Because of her professional diploma from VanArts, Rhin was able to apply 12 credits towards their 24-credit degree program for merely 1 more year of full-time study. 

Most recently, Rhin wrote a script for her screenwriting class which was selected to be put into production for her last collaborative project.  She is applying her animation skills to live-action film and directing a crew of over 30 other students.  She will also be participating in an Animation Study Tour of Japan towards the end of her studies at Deakin. 

Update: Rhin has now completed her degree and is back in Vancouver working as an animator at Atomic Cartoons!

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