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VanArts Grad Accomplishments for 2019

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With the arrival of a new year it’s a good time to look back at the past 12 months. The students that graduate from VanArts aren’t gone from our thoughts; instead, we like to check in on them and see what exciting new challenges they are taking on, and what jobs they accomplished.

We’ve compiled a video showing the credits that our Animation, Visual Effects, Game Art alumni worked on (and that dropped) in 2019 on television or in theaters. You’ll also see the logos of companies that our Web Development & Interactive Design grads, Broadcasting & Online Media grads, and Photography grads were hired by last year. As well, the movies and TV shows where VanArts Acting grads were cast in and aired in 2019 are also included in the video below!

In 2019 there were literally hundreds of VanArts grads that worked on high profile Hollywood projects, cutting edge tech companies, notable pop culture projects, or internationally recognized brands. And we have high hopes that for 2020 the number of credits will be even bigger.



What our grads did in 2019: