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VanArts Credits on Weekend Blockbusters

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VanArts graduate credits crawled upon movie screens over the holiday weekend in the top 2 grossing films, including Visual Effects grad Shannon Caldwell on Eclipse and 3D Animation grad Reika Nishio on both Eclipse and The Last Airbender

  Reika Nishio says of her experience: "VanArts taught me not only software and techniques, but also how to be an independent artist as well as a team member.  It was the school's studio-like atmosphere where I learned how to receive critiques and address them.  Soon after I graduated from VanArts, I landed a job at CIS Vancouver and that experience led me to work on various feature films.  After that I have worked at Image Engine, Prime Focus, and Anthem FX on numerous other projects for films and TV series, such as The Last Airbender, The Losers, Invictus, Angels & Demons, the Twilight series, and TRON: Legacy."

Reika is also currently working on the upcoming release of TRON: Legacy along with our Visual Effects grads Lionel Heath, Milan Schere and Entertainment Art sculpture instructor Gideon Hay.