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Photography Graduate Recognized in Julia Margaret Cameron Awards

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More Accolades for VanArts Photography Graduate

VanArts is pleased to give a shout-out to our recent Professional Photography graduate Rachel Nixon, whose student work has been recognized with an award win and honourable mentions in the 14th annual Julia Margaret Cameron Awards for women photographers.

Her piece Afternoon Dream I won in the Abstract (single image) category, and she received honourable mentions in Nature (single image) for The Crow and Fine Art (series) for her portfolio series A/Part.

‘Difference’ by Rachel Nixon, Honourable Mention, Fine Art (series)

Rachel’s awards were in the non-professional section, which is for those who earn less than 50% of their income from photography (so far!). Awarded photographers will be exhibited at the new FotoNostrum gallery in Barcelona, Spain in March 2020. According to the organizers, a total of 805 photographers from 67 countries submitted 6,240 photographs to the awards. Rachel’s work is also currently on display in group exhibitions at the PH21 Gallery in Budapest, Hungary.

Credit – Pink Monkey Studios

Earlier this year, Rachel received honourable mentions in the International Photography Awards while she was still a student in our program. Before coming to VanArts, she worked for 20 years as a journalist and news executive in the UK, US, and Canada. A British-Canadian citizen, she graduated with honours in September 2019 and is already on to an amazing start with her new adventures in photography and visual arts!

In her own words, “The intensive program at VanArts helped me to focus deeply on my work as a photographer and build new skills, experiences and ideas into my artistic practice. Through a wide range of classes during the year, I explored diverse styles and approaches – not only the craft itself but also the thinking behind it.

Regular in-depth feedback from instructors and classmates enriched my appreciation for visual language and storytelling. It all encouraged me to push my ideas further. I was able to sharpen my own vision at the school, giving me the confidence to successfully submit my work to galleries and awards. Now, thanks to my time at VanArts, my work is being noticed more widely, both internationally and in Canada.

Congratulations, Rachel! Keep doing VanArts proud with your amazing work!

‘Shame’ by Rachel Nixon, Honourable Mention, Fine Art (series)

‘The Crow’ by Rachel Nixon, Honourable Mention, Nature (single image)

‘Afternoon Dream’ by Rachel Nixon – WINNER, Abstract (single image)