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Life Outside the Classroom

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy…

Working long and hard on assignments, staying after class, and rushing to meet those deadlines can really tire students out. Creating gorgeous demo reels and final portfolios are important at VanArts, but so is having a life outside of the classroom! Whether it’s finding that perfect hangout downtown, exploring the city with friends, or just making a few goofs, here are a few things our students do to blow off steam.

Baller On The Court

Animation student Josh Jinadu gets his classmates together to play basketball on breaks. See, animators don’t just stay inside all day!

Billiard Break Time

If they’re not in class, our students can always be found playing a game of pool down on the 5th floor — a great place to relax when the shot you’re working on isn’t going your way, and to meet new friends while you heat up your lunch in the kitchen.

You’re Not A Vancouverite If You Don’t Hike

Hiking in the mountains is a Vancouver tradition. Whether they’re snow shoeing at Cypress or checking out Whistler, our students are lucky to explore those snow covered peaks all year!

Taking It Easy

Hanging out eating a tasty taco is just what our students need after a long day at school — and the beers help too! With so many great restaurants and bars downtown, it’s hard to pick a favorite.

Goofs, Gaffs, & Laughs

Through their year at VanArts students go from strangers, to friends, to collaborators and future colleagues. We love to see our students making friendships that will last a lifetime.

Photo by VanArts graduate Jennifer Peters

Rest for the Soul

VanArts also offers Wednesday Yoga classes and Transcendental Meditation sessions to help relieve stress and to nurture their creativity. This is one of many ways we encourage our students to re-charge their batteries during a very busy year!

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