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Leo Award Winners Represent VanArts Acting Department

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On behalf of Head of Acting Chilton Crane and the VanArts Acting Department, we extend congratulations to our Leo Award winners who represent our department's objectives.

When a graduate wins "Best Lead Performance in a Dramatic Series" and one of our instructors wins "Best Supporting Actor" in the same dramatic series, that is our goal: to help create professional actors we can proudly work alongside with.

Congratulations to Steven Cree Molison (Graduate) for his 2012 Leo Award for Best Lead Performance a a Male in a Dramatic Series -Blackstone: Hitchin', and to Frank Cassini (Instructor) for his Leo Award for Best Supporting Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series - Blackstone: I'm Not a Racist

Congratulations also to Georgie Daburas (Graduate) and his nomination for Best Web Series - Hitman 101 (Actor, Producer)

...and finally, congratulations to Carl Bessai's Sister & Brothers for Best Feature Length Drama, Best Direction, and 4 other awards (6 Leos in total); Head of Acting Chilton Crane was proud to be a part of it!