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See the Latest Work by VanArts Grads

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VanArts is proud to showcase the amazing work of our most recent graduates. In the weeks leading up to their final day of classes the March 2021 grads were busy putting the final touches on their demo reels, final projects and work portfolios. The student work was showcased at our online graduation ceremony for family and friends to see.

This is just some of the impressive grad work from the March 2021 class, with some from the March & September 2020 grad classes also included. Grad work has been showcased on our social channels (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter), along with more information about the creations and what went into them. Follow our social channels for more student work that will continue to be highlighted and celebrated.

And now, on with the show!

Visual Effects Grad Work


Game Art & Design Grad Work


3D Character Animation Grad Work


2D Character Animation Grad Work


Broadcasting & Online Media Grad Work

We’ve got two sizzle reels to share for this program. First up is the final project of BOM grad Jess Garner:


And we also want to show you the final year-end celebration reel for the September 2020 Broadcasting & Online Media graduates:


Photography, Acting, and Web Development reels will be added to the page shortly. Check back to see what those grads cooked up!