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From Canada to the UK: An Animator’s Journey

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VanArts Animation Graduate Enjoys a Globe-Trotting Career

Our animation department was elated to catch up with one of our star graduates, Regan Greenwood, who dropped by the school recently to say hello and connect with our current students. She was in town for a family vacation and took some time out to visit the school that helped her launch an animation career spanning from Vancouver to the UK, where she is currently based. Regan answered questions from our students, gave valuable advice, and shared stories of her journey from animation student to working professional.

From Ashcroft, BC to Manchester, UK

Regan started at VanArts in 2012, immediately after graduating from high school in Ashcroft, BC. She enrolled in the 12-month 3D Character Animation diploma program, and followed this with the 2D Character Animation program. After graduating from both programs with honours, she was hired by Atomic Cartoons in Vancouver, and the rest is history. This was just the beginning of a career that would include animated television series (including Jake and the Neverland Pirates and The Three Caballeros for Disney), feature films, and video games at five different studios and two continents.

After working at several Vancouver studios, Regan was approached by Brown Bag Films in Manchester UK to work for them, so she took the chance to move across the ocean for the next chapter in her career. She is now at Cloud Imperium Games as a game play animator for social ai on Star Citizen and Squadron 42, the highest-funded crowdfunding video game of all time.

Watch the video here to hear Regan tell her story.

If Regan’s story inspires you, you’re in luck. Walt Disney Animation Studios and WETA Digital have established studio facilities in Vancouver, Industrial Light & Magic and Electronic Arts are expanding their operations, and hundreds of other studios are calling out for fresh talent.

This is the time to jump on board and pursue a career in 3D Animation.

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