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My First Year as a Photographer – by Marcelo Barbosa

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Our Professional Photography department was contacted by graduate Marcelo Barbosa, who came from Brazil to study with us from 2014-2015. He is now a full-time photographer for VRX Studios in Europe. We are proud to share his story, as it’s an amazing testimony of how we launch creative careers here at VanArts.

Marcelo takes photos of the Ramada Jamshedpur exterior in India.

My First Year as a Photographer – by Marcelo Barbosa

Hi everyone!

I am writing to let you know that I had an amazing first year as a full-time professional photographer and I want to thank you all for helping me getting where I am now!

During my first year, I photographed 34 hotel properties in 15 countries spanning 4 different continents. I have flown more than 80,000 km to accomplish all those assignments, not counting the almost uncountable taxi, bus, and train rides or all the kilometers that I had to drive rented cars.

From a 5-star golf resort on the south coast of France to roadside hotels in the countryside of England, from a high-end property in Dubai to a business hotel in India, and from different cultures such as Azerbaijan, Sri Lanka, Israel, and Jordan to my own culture in Brazil, I experienced so many awesome things. I’m thrilled with my first year as a photographer.

On the balcony of a commercial building at 6am,taking photos of the Ramada Colombo exterior, Sri Lanka. Courtesy of Marcelo Barbosa.

I am excited because I was able to do what I like the most (photography, just to be clear if you still have any doubt), travel to such amazing countries and get paid for it! When I had some time off, I could visit the old city of Jerusalem (Israel), the lost city of Petra (Jordan), the modern city of Dubai, the beautiful landscapes of Slovenia, castles and churches in Milan (Italy) and Dundalk (Ireland), the amazing Oxford University (England), and so many that I wouldn’t be able to mention everything here. Most of these places I could not have visited if I had not become an architectural photographer and started working for VRX Studios.

2017 has just started and I have already been to Athens (Greece) and I have scheduled assignments to India (again), Uzbekistan, Greece (again) and Germany. I hope this year will be even better than the last one!

I never thought I could become a photographer at the age of 45, but here I am! So, I would like to thank all of you, VanArts instructors, who helped me make my dream come true.

Taking photos of the rooftop bar and restaurant at Wyndham Grand Athens, Greece. Courtesy of Marcelo Barbosa.

Many thanks to Marcelo and VRX Studios for providing us with a few examples of his stunning work! Congratulations Marcelo…you are doing us proud!

• Client: VRX Studios
• Project: Dolce Frégate, France
• Photographer: Marcelo Barbosa
• Produced by: VRX Studios 04/28/2016

• Client: VRX Studios
• Project: Wyndham Amsterdam,
• Photographer: Marcelo Barbosa
• Produced by: VRX Studios 01/08/2016

• Client: VRX Studios
• Project: Wyndham Dubai, UAE
• Photographer: Marcelo Barbosa
• Produced by: VRX Studios 11/27/2016

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