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Educational Counselors from USA visit VanArts

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photo_2As part of a “Familiarization Tour of British Columbia for US Counselors” coordinated by BC Council for International Education (BCCIE), VanArts was thrilled to be one of several schools to be visited by a team of education counselors from the US Pacific Northwest.

Led by BCCiE’s Elizabeth Brin, a mix of 10 counselors, either independent or working with high schools near Seattle and Portland, visited us on Tuesday March 3rd for a campus tour and an in-depth presentation about our professional diploma programs and degree pathways. Our school president Alan Phillips, dean of faculty Wayne Gilbert, student services manager Julie Howgate and communications manager Ken Priebe led the tour, presentation and Q&A.

The lively session was eye-opening for everyone, and we look forward to keeping in touch with this great team of counselors!

USA Educational Counselors VanArts Visit