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Disney’s Bill Matthews Returns to VanArts

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Last week, from July 9 – 13, VanArts welcomed our annual guest speaker & founding advisory board member Bill Matthews, retired Manager of Artists’ Development at Walt Disney Animation Studios. We started the week with our traditional Q&A session with senior animation instructor Charles Phillips about his career at Disney, NASA and Sheridan College.  The rest of the week, Bill met with animation students one-on-one to offer career advice and feedback on their work.

Disneys Bill Matthews Returns Annual Visit

Bill Matthews has been a guest instructor and visiting industry professional at VanArts since 1996. He is one of the founding instructors and directors of the Sheridan College Animation Program and is recently retired as Manager of Artist Development and ongoing consultant for Walt Disney Feature Animation. Bill worked on effects animation for Disney’s Sleeping Beauty and for NASA, and has been writing traditional animation curricula for public schools and colleges for over thirty years.

Thanks Bill for another enjoyable visit, and for your continued support of our staff & students over the years! 

(Photos by Reem Abdel-Jabbar)