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Digital Photography Dept. Hosts Alumni Gathering

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On November 20, the Digital Photography Department at VanArts invited graduates from our previous 11 classes to come back and tell us what they’ve been doing, meet current students and share their industry experiences since leaving Vanarts.  It was a fantastic night of renewing friendships, sharing knowledge and looking at great pictures!

 Some of the recurring themes:

-Don’t give up!
-Pay attention in Business Class!
-You don’t have to have it all figured out!
-Keep shooting personal projects, even if you’re busy working!
-Take advantage of the great studio, equipment and resources while at Vanarts!
-Maintain and cultivate the relationships you build at school and beyond!

Our visiting alumni inluded Kelsey Hale, Laura Zeke, Claudia Sepulveda, Natasha Vignal, Jay Povey, and Kitt Woodland.  Graduates who presented their work to all who attended were (click their names to view their web portfolios): Danielle Anathema, Janine Armstrong, Jens Kristian Balle, Madhava Musterer, Gordon Neilson, Kristina Zambrano, Rodrigo Ceballos, Severin Samulski, Angus MacGillivray, Clayton Racicot, Martina Kopp & Reem Abdel-Jabbar, Spencer Kovats, Sheila Arias, and Belle Ancell.  

Thanks to everyone who came and shared their work!