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Digital Artists & Developers Flooding Vancouver

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Want to work in your jeans, hoodie or T-shirt and flip-flops? Being a digital artist or developer may be a good fit for you.

The Province posted a great article this week about the growing flood of digital artists and developers that are already spreading across Vancouver, thanks to the expansion of Sony Pictures Imageworks and Microsoft who will be sharing their new digs in the downtown core.

The article has lots to say about our local talent pool and what it’s like working in this industry, and this is all especially sweet news for our students studying Character Animation, Game Art & Design, Visual Effects and Web Development. Many of our graduates pictured here have already been a part of this industry growth for 20 years now, and continue to invade the city loving what they do.

A few of the article’s highlights:

-Sony Imageworks’ production staff will double to more than 700 artists once their office move is complete, as will the neighboring Microsoft Canada Excellence Centre with their own staff of 700

Sony is currently working on seven features, both fully animated and live-action with substantial CG effects, including HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 2, ANGRY BIRDS, and ALICE IN WONDERLAND: THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS.  

More tech companies will be following suit moving offices into Vancouver, including Telus, Amazon and Avigilon, with employees reaching the thousands, and there is great demand for visual effects and digital media talent. 

Software developers’ salaries start around $57,000/year up to $85,000 as base salary. Digital animators with a couple years’ experience can rake in $58,000/year, and Senior digital animators, $93,000 plus bonuses. 

Want to join the new digital kids on the block? Contact Us today about launching your career….THIS IS THE TIME to do it!