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Career Update from Animation Grad

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VanArts has recently touched base with our animation graduate Windy Van Druten, who studied 2D Animation with us from 2003 to 2004, and continued her studies in 3D Animation through 2005.

Windy shares with us, "Hello World, I am originally from the concrete jungle Jakarta, Indonesia. I have studied international business relations at Asia Pacific University in Oita, animation at VanArts in Vancouver and even more animation at University of Westminster of London. I am now based in London as a Freelance Traditional Animator and Illustrator. Within my short years in animation, I have collaborated with a few names like R/GA, FrameFork, GrainMedia and National Film and Television School, with short film titles including El Macho, The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lion and A Mano. Thanks for reading and stay gold!"

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