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Animation/VFX Graduate enjoys Career at Electronic Arts

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Josh Awesome is one of our celebrated graduates with a long history of attending VanArts and working his way through to a successful industry career. When he was still in high school, Josh took our part-time courses in 2D Animation & Basic Drawing, and was also accepted into our Media Arts Boot Camp program for high school students. These courses inspired him to apply to VanArts upon graduation, and he thereby entered our full-time (Classical) 2D Animation Program in September 2004. Josh continued into a second year in our Visual Effects Program, and finally graduated with a 2-year diploma from VanArts in 2006.

Since then, Josh has worked locally at Electronic Arts Canada, where he is currently a senior motion designer leading a team of animators. He has also freelanced for such clients as the Vancouver Canucks, Whistler, and Canadian Pacific Rail, and recently opened up his own company, eyeslice Studios.

In his own words, Josh shares with us, "VanArts provided me with an amazing atmosphere to develop the skills I needed to really succeed in the industry.  The instructors were constantly engaged with the students, working one-on-one with us and providing intense but supportive education. There were amazing talks given by leading industry professionals, and this pushed me to do better than my best and prepped me for the real working world. I owe a lot of what I've learned and where I am today to my schooling at VanArts."