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Animation Grads Return to Speak with Current Students

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VanArts' Animation Department invited a panel of graduates to come in for a casual Q&A session with our current students, to share stories about how their careers got started and what it's like working in the industry. The panel was moderated by instructor Lawrence Wong, and our graduates were: 

Julia Liu, Assistant Animator at Fantastic Cat Productions, on a local independent short film Creamers, directed by Thief and the Cobbler animator Hilary Moses. (Click here for the film's Kickstarter page!

Harrison Wang, Animation PA at Nerd Corps Entertainment

Stuart McGillivray, Animator at Bardel Entertainment

Chris Sokalofsky, Animation Supervisor at Nerd Corps Entertainment 

Callum LaPrarie, Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks

Levi Ames, Freelance Animator for Doodle Pictures Studio (who piped in via video chat from the USA)

It was great to hear about their success and adventures in animation.  A big thanks to our graduates for taking the time to speak with our students!  For more stories of successful animation graduates from VanArts, visit our Alumni page