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Acting Graduate starts in The Bridge

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Aaron Douglas, graduate of the Acting Program at William Davis Centre (at VanArts) plays the title role in CTV's new series The Bridge, which has now been picked up by CBS. 

LOS ANGELES ( The latest offering from CBS is a cop drama called ‘The Bridge‘. The premiere episode was aired on July 10 and the critics and audience were found to be pleasantly surprised by the freshness of the new drama. Considering the innumerable cop dramas already stuffed into the American TV, ‘The Bridge‘ promises to give audience a taste of reality of the life of a cop. The series is reportedly based on the life of the Union head of the Toronto Police, Craig Bromwell. The lead role of a street cop named Frank Leo, is being played by Aaron Douglas. The critics have called the show refreshing because it avoids the cliches like humorous one-liners and heroic characters common to most shows of the genre. ‘The Bridge‘ on the other hand shows the a far more real cop world where even the central character is shown to use strong-arm tactics to get his way.