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18 VanArts Grads bring Godzilla to the Screen

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Godzilla was #1 at the box office this weekend, and VanArts is proud to say that 18 of our 3D Animation and Visual Effects graduates had their work and credits up there on the screen: 

Alexis Chapman – Roto Supervisor, Scanline VFX
Sujil Sukumaran – FX Technical Director, ILM
Scott Eade – Head of Layout, MPC
Alihusen Kapadia – FX Artist, MPC
Shane Wicklund – Compositor, MPC
Blaine Toderian – Animator, MPC
Melaina Mace – Lead Matte Painter, MPC
Simon Butler – FX Technical Director, MPC
Calvin Romeyn – Roto Artist, Gener8
Prashant Raj – Art Supervision, Gener8
Xuelian Li – Art Supervision, Gener8
Alvin Grado – Prop FX, Gener8
Vikas Ganer- Roto Artist, Gener8
Lola Akinwusi – Roto Artist, Gener8
Steven Des Roches – Roto Artist, Gener8
Aren Kittelsen – Roto Artist, Gener8
Anastazja Karolewska – Roto Artist, Gener8
Suresh Padamaraj – Roto Artist, Gener8

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