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VFX Grad hired at Spin FX Toronto

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Luca Giorgio graduated from the VanArts Visual Effects program this past spring, and has recently landed his first job at Spin FX in Toronto.  At Spin, he has already contributed to the upcoming movie Pirahna, and has most recently been working on Battle Los Angeles, including major elements for promo shots that were shown at the recent San Diego Comic Con. 

Says Luca of his VanArts experience: “The training I received at VanArts gave me the knowledge and expertise to think and transform into an artist.  The Visual Effects program taught me the process of the entertainment pipeline and how to achieve the quality level required by the industry.  With a combination of my determination and being trained by industry professionals, VanArts assisted my success in being employed in the field.  I am now working with some inspiring individuals creating work for a variety of entertainment enterprises.  The greatest satisfaction is being able to get paid doing what I love to do.  I am grateful that I made the choice to become an artist and attend VanArts.