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VanArts Offers More Scholarships to Ukrainian Refugees

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Renowned Vancouver School Gave Ukrainian Students Full Scholarships. They Are Now Graduating, Finding Employment.

VanArts Hopes to Offer More Scholarships to Ukrainian Refugees

On February 24, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. VanArts immediately offered over $1 Million in full tuition scholarships for any of their 12-month diploma programs. Twenty-five Ukrainian refugee students began their studies online until they could arrive in Vancouver. These students are about to graduate, and some have already found employment. VanArts changed their lives.

Listen to this featured interview with two of our graduates on CBC Radio here. >>

VFX Graduate from Ukraine

Anna Sitalova, VFX Graduate from Ukraine: “This is a new way of life, thank you VanArts, I am extremely excited, I just signed a contract for a full-time position and Vancouver is one of the top cities in the world for my new profession.

Alan Phillips, Founder/President, VanArts: “It has been incredibly inspiring to see our Ukrainian students on our campus. They are full of promise and confidence as they complete their studies and begin the next phase of finding employment within the media and entertainment industries.

VanArts hopes to offer more scholarships to Ukrainian refugees with a fundraising goal of $1 Million.

Outreach has begun within the business community, philanthropists, and private individuals. You can assist Ukrainian students with their education, in whole or in part, by contacting VanArts.

Scholarships for 25% of tuition are available now for programs starting September 5, 2023, with potential for more as additional funds are raised.

About VanArts
Founded in 1995, Vancouver Institute of Media Arts has been in the top 10 of animation schools in the world for a decade and specializes in 2D/3D character animation. Other 12-month diploma programs include visual effects production, game art & design, professional photography, acting for film and television, as well as web development and design. Vancouver’s digital media and entertainment industries continue to show tremendous growth and students who graduate from VanArts are in demand by employers in Vancouver and globally. Once a student graduates from VanArts, they can continue their education and receive a bachelor’s degree or advanced diploma in as little as two years. VanArts proudly holds articulation agreements with several well-established universities/colleges in Canada, the USA, Australia, New Zealand and the UK. VanArts is internationally admired.

For More Information and Interview Requests
Ken Priebe – Manager, Communication and Student Services
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