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VanArts Credits on Summer Movie Screens

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As the summer movies hit cinema screens this year, VanArts is always pleased to spot the names of our graduates and instructors crawl up in the credits.  This particular captured image from the credits of Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter just happens to have 6 VanArts 3D/VFX graduates‘ names on screen at once, plus one of our instructors.

Grads: Harsh Mistry (layout technical director), Kodie MacKenzie (compositor), Esdras Prudente (rotoscope artist), Alexis Chapman (rotoscope artist), Nina Laureles (visual effects artist), Reika Nishio (senior matchmove artist)

Instructor (Visual Effects Program): Derik Gokstorp

Here are some other 2012 Spring & Summer movies which feature the work of graduates from VanArts:

The Dark Knight Rises: Eleonor Lindvall (rotoscope artist)

Total Recall:  Nik Brownlee (lead digital compositor), Lionel Heath (compositor), Eleonor Lindvall (rotoscope artist), Blake Laing-Smith (digital artist)

Dark Shadows: Esdras Prudente (rotoscope artist), Blake Laing-Smith (digital artist), Reika Nishio (senior matchmove artist)

The Amazing Spider-ManShane Wicklund (digital compositor), Jyoti Deshpande (digital artist)

Journey 2: Mysterious IslandBlaine Toderian (animator), Alexis Chapman (roto lead), Nina Laureles (data wrangler)

John Carter: Nik Brownlee (compositor), Grant Wilson (animator)