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VanArts Animation Grads Unite on Short Film about COVID-19

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Healing the World Through Animation

Our most recent class of 3D Character Animation graduates have banded together to create their own virtual studio in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Under the name Pandemic Studio, they have produced an animated short that gives tips on hand-washing, social distancing, and staying safe.

Kerissa Findlay, who wrote & directed the short, sent us some words on how and why they did it:

During our last term we heard of a little thing called COVID-19. We weren’t really sure how much it would impact us in the future, but as we found out (graduating in March) most studios had slowed down or halted their production and hiring. A couple weeks later, I contacted a few people in my class asking what they were up to. Nobody seemed to be doing much, so I thought to myself, we really need something to do to keep us encouraged.

So I came up with an idea for a short film and pitched it to everyone, and here we are, 2 months later, with a finished version of our video. It was quite a process figuring everything out, but with everyone’s abilities and skills we made it happen! We were able to do everything online which was easy and we were able to meet every Monday for our video chat. It worked out nicely.

I definitely thank the teachers at VanArts for showing us what we learned over the past year. I believe all of us gained more information than we expected. I really appreciated the way the course was set up, it really helped us to develop our skills.

Don’t let quarantine get you down…these animators have shown you can turn negatives into positives through the power of creativity and teamwork!

You can watch and share their short film on YouTube or on Facebook.

Kerissa Findlay

Jordan Findlay

Production Coordinator/Script Editor
Trevor Wood

Kerissa Findlay

Motion Graphics
Jessica Pollack
Rocio Perez

3D Animation

Jeett Dedhia
Jessica Pollack
Kerissa Findlay
Rocio Perez
Po-Chen Yeh
Trevor Wood

Rafael Laffitte

Effects Animation

Trevor Wood

Character Design
Rocio Perez

Long Winter Rigs
Artem Dubson

Piano by Kerissa Findlay


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