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Photographer David Duchemin visits VanArts

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Yesterday our Digital Photography students had a great visit with photographer David Duchemin, who came down to share his knowledge and experience with everyone.

David’s lecture ranged from the inspirational to the practical. Through his wide-ranging career he has gone from doing stand-up comedy and studying theology to finally returning to full-time photography. He has been able to use his photography talent and internet savvy towards a career that includes philanthropy, writing, publishing and traveling the world.

Students were entertained by travel stories, but also given the lowdown on the financial realities they will face as professionals. Overall, David showed us what is achievable by combining talent, planning and hard work.

Here are some of the tweets from students and staff that burst forth following David’s presentation:

@NatashaVignal Inspired by our lecture today at VanArts @pixelatedimage

@KiraUzhik Thanks for coming and great show David! Was awesome!

@CGPonline wow @pixelatedimage at @vanarts today…super inspiring and insightful! thanks so much David that was fantastic.

…and from David himself: @pixelatedimage Just back from a morning with @VanArts – great students and staff there! Thanks, gang! 🙂


Visit David Duchemin’s website and blog @