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Making Video Games at VanArts: Behind the Scenes

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Making Games: A Team Effort

Students in our Game Art & Design program have had a blast making their own video games, under the watchful eye of our industry professional faculty. Using the same production pipeline methods from major studios, they have learned how games are made from start to finish, in everything from concept art to modeling & animation to the engine itself.

Using our full body and facial motion capture gear, students from our Acting for Film & Television program were also recruited to provide the body movement, expressions, and voices for their project.

Check out this behind-the-scenes video, also produced by our Game Art students themselves, for a peek into the process behind their game SUBSURFACE.

SUBSURFACE is only one of the games our students are producing! Check out this compilation reel of various game projects by this class, which was showcased at the annual SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver this summer.

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