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Game Art Graduate at United Front

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Petra Richli came to VanArts from Switzerland in 2005 and graduated from our Game Art Diploma Program in 2006.  Upon graduation, she was hired at Digital Extremes in London, Ontario, where she worked as a 3D artist for 2 years, working on Dark Sector and other game projects.

After receiving her permanent resident status, Petra applied to game studios in Vancouver.  This led to 1 year as a 3D artist at Nexon Publishing, followed by her current position as a World Artist at United Front Games, one of many game studios in our busy city.

Petra shares with us, "VanArts was a great choice for me: the right length, the right information, and great teachers, all located in my favorite city.  The program was up to date, taught me an excellent foundation for general 3D, and then allowed me to specialize in modeling.  It certainly helped me prepare for getting a job in this industry, and taught me you're as good as the amount of work you put into it.  Work hard and never stop asking questions!"

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