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Featured Broadcasting for Television Project

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In this featured blog post, Broadcasting instructor Paul Sundher shares the work of one of his students: 

Romeela Shandil is currently enrolled in the VanArts Broadcasting for Radio and Television program. For Romeela’s final television project, she interviewed Andy Macfarlane who is one of the songwriters for the Kyla Coopman Band. Andy is originally from Scotland and joined Kyla to write and record dynamic folk music with a twist. 

Romeela will be graduating from VanArts in August 2014 and will be entering the broadcast industry with hopes of working in television. Her dream is to move to the United States and to be an entertainment correspondent for one of the major US networks. Romeela is a very talented and creative individual, and her skill set allows her the room to explore many avenues of journalism. Romeela has a wonderful ability to make people feel at ease and in turn get the most out of the guest she is interviewing.

At the end of the day it’s all about telling someone’s story. This is what Romeela is most passionate about and plans to do for a living.