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Career Profile: Animation Grad at Nerd Corps

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3D Animation graduate Lauson Morrow has just completed his third year working at Nerd Corps Entertainment and has now moved up to Senior Animator.  Lauson was hired soon after graduation from VanArts, and has since worked on shows such as Hot Wheels Battle Force 5, League of Super Evil, Slugterra, and currently on Max Steel

Of his experience, Lauson shares with us, "Working in the animation industry is fun and lots of hard work, always on a deadline, but when you are doing something you love its always good. What's important to keep in mind is to show off your work, always try and get a second pair of eyes on it, and that learning from others is the best way to improve yourself.

Back in VanArts' animation program, some of the best things that put me in the right direction was learning to work with the other students, figuring out the programs and animation skills from their great teachers.

Always keep a clear head, and know that you can always learn from any critisim you receive. It's all knowlage to learn and get better from."