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An Ocean of Alumni Bring Aquaman to the Screen

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33 VanArts Graduates Bring Aquaman to the Screen

The next highly-anticipated super-hero movie of 2018 swims into movie theaters this weekend, and VanArts is proud to announce that 33 of our graduates in 3D Character Animation and Visual Effects have contributed to it!

Aquaman is one of many feature films with its effects produced largely in our city of Vancouver, #1 hub in the world for this booming industry.

A huge shout-out to the following alumni who now have Aquaman on their growing list of credits:

Fernando Acosta
Jamie Adkins
Thomas Bevan
Simon Butler
Christopher Courtland
Ashish Dani
Natalie Delfs
Dan Finnegan
Jasmine Furby
Vikas Ganer
Daniel Gonzalez
Vicky Hedgecock
Nhi Hoang
Stu Hunter
Himanshu Joshi
David Kohler
Camila Koran
Jack McAllan
Kodie McKenzie
Nozomi Nakano
Aline Nordmark
Ken Ogbo
Daniel Pardo
Nash Peireira
Prashant Raj
Calvin Romeyn
Nicole Smith
Chris Sokalofsky
Tracy Villeda
David Ventura
Harrison Wang
Shane Wicklund
Brittany Youngchief

Great to see your names in lights again, guys! See you in the movies over the holiday season!