Presentation by Pro Vice-Chancellor at Deakin University

Oct 30, 2014

This week VanArts was privileged to receive a visit from Professor Brenda Cherednechenko, Pro Vice-Chancellor of Arts & Education at Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia. Brenda delivered an interactive, dynamic presentation to our student body on "From Studying to a Career in Creative Arts ," challenging and inspiring them to think about their future plans and goals in a way that will propel them to success. read more about Presentation by Pro Vice-Chancellor at Deakin University

Featured Faculty: Ross den Otter & Sarolta Dobi

Oct 23, 2014

Last night at VanArts, we held a small taster session with our Digital Photography department, featuring a demonstration on portrait lighting by our instructor Ross den Otter. For several years, Ross and his wife Sarolta Dobi of Pink Monkey Studios have guided and mentored our photography students towards excellence in their work. 

Leaving their small B.C. towns of Courtenay and Summerland in the mid-eighties and meeting at Langara's respected photography program led not only to a thriving partnership in business but also to a thriving partnership in life. Pink Monkey Studios, established in 1996 by the husband-and-wife team of Ross and Sarolta, has skillfully filled the portfolios of actors, models, and corporate executives from across the Lower Mainland for over a decade.  Establishing and maintaining quality relationships with all their clients, the Monkeys' branched out to commercial and on-set film work as well, expanding the scope of their business.

Ross has also been featured recently in the Georgia Straight in an article highlighting his career and photography show from this past summer. His photo for the story was also taken by our own photography program assistant Belle Ancell.  

Read the full article here >>

Ross and Sarolta are but one example of the excellent instructors who offer instruction for professional photographers at VanArts. CONTACT US TODAY to inquire about auditing a photography class, attending a webinar or applying to the program. 

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Featured Faculty: Wayne Gilbert

Oct 17, 2014

Our featured faculty for this week is our Head of Character Animation and Dean of Faculty Wayne Gilbert. 

Wayne Gilbert has worked in the industry for 35+ years on films ranging from Care Bears to Star Wars and video games Skate and Skate 2, plus 2 Clio Awards, 5 animated short films (including the award-winning Let Go), and has written and illustrated 3 books (including Simplified Drawing for Planning Animation). All can be seen at Wayne has worked his way into positions of Animation Director and Art Director through studios such as Nelvana, ILM, Walt Disney Canada and EA Black Box


In this short video, Wayne talks about why the Character Animation program at VanArts is the best training you can get for jobs in the industry. 

CONTACT US TODAY to arrange for auditing a class with Wayne Gilbert.

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VanArts Grads Bring 'The Prophet' to the Screen

Oct 16, 2014

The new animated feature film based on Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet is being screened as part of Vancouver's SPARK Animation Festival for 2014, and VanArts is proud to say that several of our own graduates worked on it locally at Bardel Entertainment. The Prophet was directed by Roger Allers, who had previously directed The Lion King at Disney, and also working on the project alongside our own graduates was former Disney animator Nik Ranieri and many other seasoned industry professionals. 

VanArts grads who contributed their talents to the film were Ariel Chao, Julia Liu, Pavitra Pires, Ghaydaa Saleem, Ricardo Cesar and Santosh Seshabhattar.

Congratulations to all who got to work on The Prophet and see it screened in Vancouver! Visit for more information on the animation festival. 

Bardel is currently in a hiring frenzy as they gear up for several shows from Dreamworks, which is good news for our current students and all who dream of a career in animation, where LOTS is happening right now!  Contact us today to inquire about auditing a class or applying to VanArts. 

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VanArts in Mexico

Oct 16, 2014

Staff and Faculty from VanArts have just returned from spending a week in Mexico, sharing the good news about our programs to students there who dream of a career in the arts. VanArts has welcomed and graduated many students from Mexico over the years who are now making their mark in the industry on a worldwide scale. 

Our lead instructor for Game Art & Design Izmeth Siddeek gave a presentation to a full house of over 600 students at Universidad de Monterrey, about his ground-breaking research in real-time motion capture for games. Later in the week, our director of admissions Shane Moore greeted participants at several Expo-Estudiante career fairs in Monterrey and Mexico City, and topped it off with a Free Information Session. 


At the session, Shane premiered this video which we are now proud to share online, featuring four VanArts graduates from Mexico who are now working in the animation and visual effects industries here in Vancouver. Play the video to hear what they have to say about their experience! 

Want to join us? Contact us today about attending a webinar, auditing a class or applying to VanArts! 

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New Degree Pathway:University of the Fraser Valley

Oct 10, 2014

VanArts is pleased to announce a new local degree pathway partnership with University of the Fraser Valley right here in beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This pathway allows our graduates to complete a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) degree within two years of additional study at their campus in Abbotsford, less than one hour's drive from Vancouver. read more about New Degree Pathway:University of the Fraser Valley

Prashant Raj - Visual Effects Graduate

Oct 10, 2014

Prashant Raj, from India, talks in this featured video about his experience studying at VanArts and working in the visual effects industry here in Vancouver. Prashant has worked as a VFX artist at Image Engine, Digital Domain, Gener8 and Prime Focus, on feature films including Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Harry Potter, Elysium, Zero Dark Thirty, Maleficent, Godzilla, Guardians of the Galaxy and many more. 

CONTACT US today to inquire about auditing a class in Visual Effects! 

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Featured Faculty: Wade Howie

Oct 10, 2014

Today's featured faculty member is Wade Howie, Head of Visual Effects and Game Art & Design.

As a pioneering artist in digital visual effects, Wade's production career spanning 3 decades has included 12 years with George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic as VFX Supervisor/Director, Head of Modelling and Animation, & Creative Director for animated TV and commercials.  His other roles include Art Director for games at Electronic Arts, on-set Supervisor for various CG/live action hybrid productions, and journeyman FX and lighting artist for film & TV.His feature credits include Terminator 2, Hook, Star Trek VI, Jurassic Park, The Mask, Casper, The Wild, Watchmen, TRON:Legacy and The Thing.

As well as training and mentoring new CG artists in industrial settings across Europe, US, Canada and Africa, Wade has worked as a college professor and consultant for new studios bringing CG artists online. Wade has also contributed at software development firms Alias Research Inc. (Maya) and Side Effects Software Inc. (Houdini), and has a background in traditional art and design as well as filmmaking. 

Wade has received many awards for the commercials he has supervised: Clio (Animation): Star Wars Pepsi (Marfalump)Clio (VFX): Dodge 1997 campaignAnimation Magazine Awards: Hefty GingerBread Man & Data Dancers, and Prix Pixel/INA, CGX: Pepsi Japan Pepsiman campaign.

In this short video, Wade talks about both programs at VanArts and what makes them the best training you can find for jobs in this industry.  

CONTACT US TODAY to arrange for auditing a class with Wade Howie. 

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Fashion Photography Workshop with Chris Haylett

Oct 9, 2014
Chris Haylett, one of Vancouver's top fashion photographers, shows our senior class in Digital Photography how he works on a fashion set. Our fashion module is a series of shooting demos, retouching classes and workshops that has students working with some of the best photographers in the industry.
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